Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I am trying to renew and my county requires that I have my vehicle go through an emission test. I have taken my vehicle and had this test done, but the website still says I have not.
A: Emissions testing is performed by one of two authorized testing companies. Once your vehicle is tested, your emissions certificate number is then sent to your county and is imported. It is then sent up to the web servers to be available on our website. This procedure of copying can be time-consuming, depending on the volume of the day and how much web traffic is coming in. Please be patient and allow up to two hours for your emission number to be available online. After the two hours have passed if you vehicle is still not available for online renewal you will need to contact the county clerk.
Q: I am typing my plate in, and it tells me it cannot find my plate number.
A: Plate numbers can be tricky. Zeros can look like O's and vice versa. Try typing in your plate in various combinations exactly as it appears on your paperwork from the clerk's office. If you are still unable to find your plate you may need to contact the clerk's office and find out where the discrepancy is.
Q: I am unable to find my county listed in the drop down box. Why is that?
A: is owned and operated by Business Information Systems; it can only offer this service to customers that have contracted with them to offer this service. If you do not see your county it may be possible that they offer this service through another website. You will need to inquire with your county clerk as to whether they provide an online renewal service.
Q: I submitted a payment for my plate renewal, but did not receive any confirmation. How do I know if my submission was successful or not?
A: Immediately after clicking on "Pay Renewal" you will be directed to a confirmation page. This page is your transaction receipt and can be printed for your records. You should also receive an email receipt at the email address you entered. If you do not receive this email, check your email's junk and trash folders to ensure the email was not accidentally filtered or deleted. Additionally, you have the ability to check the status of your plate renewal at any time by clicking on the "Renewal Status" button on the left side of the web page. This will tell you if the transaction is waiting to be processed by the County Clerk, has been processed, or has been rejected by the County Clerk.